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Mars Rock Appears In Rover’s Images

The Mars rover has seen a lot of odd rock formations on Mars but none of them were ever seen just suddenly appearing in one image after a previous image had no rock in it. It is strange indeed.

Rock appears in Mars Photo

Rock appears in Mars Photo

As you can see that the rock suddenly appears in the following images. Now some people are saying that the Mars Rover itself was responsible of causing the rock to disappear when it ran over it. But if you look at the images side by side you can clearly see that other such rocks in the area would also be moved. Continue reading…


UFO The Size Of A Rugby Ball Over Heathrow Airport

Pilot reports near miss with ‘rugby ball-shaped UFO’ near Heathrow Airport

UFO over Heathrow Airport

UFO over Heathrow

There was a UFO over Heathrow Airport the size of a rugby ball that passed within only metres of the Airbus A320. The airplane was cruising at 34,000 ft just west of the airport when this UFO approached the airline at great speed. They could not identify the object but they greatly feared that they were on a collision course and had no real time to reaction to the approaching UFO.

The Captain of the airplane was expecting some kind of impact with the UFO but the object moved within a few feet from the top of the jet that is when they noticed that it looked like a rugby ball like object and was metallic and bright ilver in construction. The UK airprox Board which investigates near misses in on the case.

The board checked all of the data recordings the determine which aircraft was flying in that region during the time of the incident along with everything like balloons and birds and could not determine what it was. The military radar even could not find anything about the UFO over Heathrow.

The UFO incident happened during the daylight on July 13 around 6:30. The report does not tell which airline or flight that was involved during the incident. The airplane involved cn hold 150 passengers.

Just a side note the British Ministry of Defence in 2009 closed their UFO desk and hotline for reporting UFO sightings such as this. However the Civil Aviation Authority did make the decision that it would continue to investigate such reports from both air traffic controllers and air crew.



ufoinskylightThe latest UFO news is news actually related to the drone programs. More and more people are seeing UFO drones in our airspace. Some are confusing it with UFO’s and many people say that the drones themselves are actually designed similar to what people report UFO’s to look like, flying saucer shaped. The biggest UFO news to report is that over New York City in September some one was flying one of those drones that you can get off of Ebay for a few hundred dollar, and it crashed and someone picked out it memory card and we were suddenly able to see everything the drones camera had. If this UFO drone would have crashed onto someone it may have killed them. Continue reading…